Oklahoma Democratic State Rep. Jason Lowe has just introduced a new bill. HB-2192 which is being called the "COVID-19 Save Lives Response Act" that would make face masks mandatory throughout the state in every county and every town. It would also limit the number of people to 10 total at all nonessential gatherings. There's also a $1,000.00 fine associated with non-compliance to certain mandates listed within the new bill. This is all in response to the state's increasing number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

At this time there's no statewide mandate on face masks. Oklahoma county and city governments have been implementing various ordinances of their own throughout the pandemic to combat the spread of COVID-19 within their own communities and counties. Some places are very strict and enforce their ordinances. Others are very lose and leave it up to the individual. This has created a patch work of different mandates and ordinances throughout the state. Everywhere you go has different COVID-19 policies, or none at all.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has been reluctant to mandate face masks across the state, electing instead to allow local governments to decide. Meanwhile several Oklahoma lawmakers have picked up the issue and insist that a state wide mask mandate is necessary and are currently writing and introducing legislation to make it happen. So will HB-2192 pass? Most think it won't due to the Republican controlled legislature.

Along with the face mask mandate and limiting the number of people to 10 for all nonessential gatherings, excluding places of worship and essential businesses  HB-21092 also suggests all businesses limit their in person traffic. If passed the bill and measures would be in effect until COVID-19 related hospitalizations have remained at or below 300 people for 30 consecutive days. So what are your thoughts on all this, do you support a state wide mandatory face mask mandate? Take the poll below and let us know.

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