Crickets have invaded the Sooner State, they're literally everywhere. Weather conditions in Oklahoma this spring and summer have caused the cricket population to explode. How do we battle back and win the war?


As bad as it is in Oklahoma right now, it could be worse, a lot worse. There's a small town in Nevada that has been completely taken over by crickets. It's like a plague, similar to what we went through a few years ago.

Witness the nightmarish horror of a full-blown cricket invasion in this small U.S. town

Even though we aren't dealing with the numbers Nevada is, it's still pretty bad here in the Sooner State. Depending on where you live someplaces are better or worse than others when it comes to all the crickets.


It's said that having a cricket in your house is good luck. But having 20 or more, not so much. Plus with all the chirping it's hard to get any rest, much less sleep. They do make a ton of noise at night, plus they really stink.

Hit play on the video below to learn how to win the war against the cricket invasion

There are some things you can do and products you can use to avoid being taken over by the cricket invasion. So if you're tired of all the crickets in your home, business, and yard watch the video above.


Hopefully, things will improve and we'll see the cricket population dwindle down to a more manageable level soon. Unless we get a cold and wet winter we could be seeing another year of cricket plagues in the state.

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