One of the most popular and well-known urban legends or ghost stories being told, not only in Oklahoma but Nationwide, is the terrifying tale of Cry Baby Bridge. I'm sure you've heard this story before and it seems that every town in every state has a Cry Baby Bridge. As a matter of fact, some towns have more than one.


The basic story of Cry Baby Bridge no matter what town or state it's in is pretty much the same. Only a few different details or changes are made during the retelling of the story. Sure sometimes the story is centered around a tragic accident, other stories include suicide and there are even stories of murder and absolute evil.

Watch the video below about Tulsa, Oklahoma's Cry Baby Bridge

Of course, every town and every state in America claims to have the first, real, actual, one and only Cry Baby Bridge including Oklahoma. But the truth is you'll find this urban legend everywhere you go in the U.S. Any old, creepy-looking bridge with even a hint of being abandoned and scary is quickly named Cry Baby Bridge.


So what are some of the stories that have been told throughout the years? What are the hauntings and activity that people have reported? Some have said that the crying of a baby can be heard when visiting at night. Others have said they've not only heard the baby but saw the ghost of its mother frantically looking for her child. From strange noises, and ghost sightings to being outright attacked by angry, lost spirits.

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The basic story goes that a mother had a car accident on the bridge and her baby was ejected. She looked everywhere for her child but was unable to find it. Later in grief, the mother returned to the bridge and committed suicide. Another story tells of a mother who was depressed having been recently divorced and decided to kill herself along with her baby by jumping off the bridge and drowning in the waters below.


Some of the stories are much older and tell of a mother and child that were riding in a horse-drawn wagon that flipped over. Like in the car accident, the mother couldn't find her baby and ended up committing suicide by hanging herself off the bridge. Some of the stories are darker and involve murderous mothers killing their unwanted children, including babies by throwing them off the bridge. How dark and demented is that?

Hit Play on the video below about the original Cry Baby Bridge in Kellyville, OK.

There's really no way to know when and where this urban legend started, or which state and town it actually originated from. The story is told all over the country and there are literally 100s if not 1000s of Cry Baby Bridges all across the U.S. It's one of the most popular ghost stories told and has been for years. In Lawton, OK. we have 2 Cry Baby Bridges. There's one on the west side and another one on the east side of town.


I found out we had 2 of these bridges in Lawton when I was a kid. A group of us went camping and thought "Hey, let's camp out at Cry Baby Bridge that would be a good time." So we headed out for what was sure to be an unforgettable weekend. The only problem was half of us had been to Cry Baby Bridge before and it was on the east side of town. The others disagreed and said they have been to the real bridge several times but it was on the west side of town. The legend shrunk that day and all of us were disappointed. However, I will say that both bridges are creepy, old, near abandoned, and more than worthy of being called Cry Baby Bridge.

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