If you're a hunter and always have extra meat every year. Here is how you can help out some families throughout the state.

I absolutely love this program that the Department of Wildlife in Oklahoma recently started. It's a way for folks to help other families in need and could help out your freezer space as well during hunting season. Oklahoma has very liberal bag limits and more open days for antlerless harvest. That is because anterless harvest has been going down in recent years.

The reason for this is to have a more even buck to doe ratio. Healthier deer, better hunting, and better antler development all begin with a more even buck-to-doe ratio. So with those increase bag limits, you can hunt more deer. Maybe, you don't have the room to harvest anymore deer.

The new website that the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife has setup can help you sign up to give that deer to another individual. When transferring meat to another person, remember it can't be sold or traded (only shared as a gift) and the person receiving the meat is responsible for maintaining a record of possession including the hunters name and e-check number.

If you're a hunter in Oklahoma or are someone that is interested in deer meat. You can visit the website to signup as either. I hate to see meat just going to waste and I am thankful that Oklahoma has this program to not only help the hunters, but deserving families in the state as well.

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