It's quickly becoming known around the Sooner State and the Nation as Christmas Town U.S.A. If you're looking to get into the holiday spirit this year there's no better place to go than Chickasha, Oklahoma.


You'll find all kinds of festive family fun in this cheerful and friendly holiday hometown. Chickasha wrote the book on Christmas spirit and has some of the very best seasonal offerings like the Festival of Light, the 50-plus foot tall leg lamp from A Christmas Story and they even have holiday movies with Chief Drive-In.

Chief Drive-In Theater 3854 N. Highway 81 outside of Chickasha, OK.

Chief Drive-In Theatre is a historic and legendary drive-in. It opened way back in 1949 and is the oldest operating drive-in theatre in Oklahoma. Not only is it the longest-running drive-in it's the best. If you've never been you have to make the trip to Chickasha, OK. for a fun and unforgettable night under the stars.


They show all the latest and greatest movies along with older tiles and during the holidays all your favorite Christmas classics. They'll be showing The Polar Express this Friday and Saturday (12-01-22 & 12-02-23) along with the new Trolls movie Trolls Band Together. It's a double feature, two movies for the price of one.

Hit play on the video below to watch the official movie trailer for The Polar Express

Chief Drive-In Theatre is very affordable. Ticket prices start at just $8.00 for adults, $8.50 if paying by credit or debit card, and kids ages 3-11 are only $5.00. For details and movie schedule check the official website or visit them on Facebook. Make plans now to attend the special Polar Express Experience.


You'll definitely want to stop by the Festival of Light while you're near Chickasha to see one of the biggest and best Christmas light displays in the state. Not only that, you have to see the 50-plus foot tall leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Did you know that an Oklahoman created the famous lamp? As a matter of fact, he was from Chickasha. You can click here for the full story of Mr. Nolan James. So if you're looking to get into the holiday spirit head to Christmas Town U.S.A. in Chickasha, OK. for some festive family fun.

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