It's a battle for the ages and one that we can win if we all band together! So why is Oklahoma being invaded by this scary, alien-looking insect? You've probably seen them in the yard, flowerbeds, and even in your home.


The dreaded Earwig (Dermeptera) AKA Pincher Bug has invaded the Sooner State in force. So what are these bugs, are they dangerous to humans and how do you get rid of them? We'll tackle those questions and more.

So first of all, Earwigs aren't harmful to humans. Don't believe the myth that these tiny little insects burrow into your ears and eat your brain while you're fast asleep. Do they bite? No, but they can pinch you, but aren't poisonous. They look scary. Honestly, they look like something H.R. Giger or H. P. Lovecraft thought up.

Hit play on the video below to learn more about the Earwig AKA Pincher Bug.

So why are we seeing Earwigs everywhere in Oklahoma lately? Mostly it's due to all the rain we've had. Earwigs love moisture and wet earth, you may have seen them in your yard, or flowerbeds. If you have any leaves piled up from Winter you're sure to find some there. They really like shade and are active at night. So really any place that's dark and moist Earwigs will quickly congregate and procreate. They can be real pests!


While they may look scary with those big pinchers on their butts they're actually related to crickets, cockroaches, and grasshoppers. And like those other bugs, they can do some serious damage to crops, fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers. They'll chew through and destroy just about anything green and growing in and around your home. They also like hanging out in bathrooms and kitchens similar to roaches.

If you've seen them in the yard or around the house you need to react, more like attack quickly to repeal what will be a full-scale invasion. You'd be surprised at how fast these things can multiply and completely take over an area. This is war and you'll need to plan a counterattack to be rid of these unwelcome pests!

Watch the video below to learn how to get rid of Earwigs and win the war!

You can hire an exterminator if it gets too bad, but there are a few natural ways to get rid of Earwigs, especially outdoors around flowerbeds and gardens. So if you don't want to engage in chemical warfare against this enemy and use a bunch of poison in the yard and around the property here are a few helpful tips.


You can use any sort of cooking oil to lure and trap Earwigs. From canola oil to peanut oil and just about everything in between works. Use a small bowl or you can cut water bottles to hold the oil then partially bury them leaving just enough lip exposed. The Earwigs will be attracted to it and will end up trapped in the oil.

This same trick can be used in kitchen and bathroom cabinets to help get rid of them. However, if your home has suffered a full-scale invasion it may be time to call in the pros. Sometimes there is no choice but to use pesticides and other treatments to be fully rid of them. Outside is a little easier to treat yourself versus the inside of your home. While they may not be dangerous to humans Earwigs are destructive and dirty pests.

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