As the rain and ice moved into Northern Oklahoma a few days ago, Mother Nature seemed to turn on one of her own. On Tuesday, ranchers noticed their local Wintering bald eagle was having some trouble in their field. It was covered with ice, and couldn't fly. Stuck on the ground, covered in ice, nature would have most likely taken that particular life if it weren't for Oklahoma Game Warden Spencer Grace.

Hailing from my hometown, and one heck of a nice guy, Officer Grace put on a brave face to help. You've seen how big a bald eagle is. Their razor sharp talons are like those of a velociraptor. They can cut you like a hot blade through soft human flesh. He did succeed though, putting that giant symbol of freedom in a cage, and allowing it to defrost in his warm truck. Eventually, that majestic beast was able to fly away, off to survive another cold, icy, Northern Oklahoma Winter storm.

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