Murf's Guns in Duncan, OK. has fired back at Facebook's anti-Gun and ammo policies. They shot a promotional video for their Facebook page and it's going viral! It's hilarious and is taking the interwebs by storm!

Facebook is really restrictive when it comes to firearms. Here's the official policy. They go into greater detail in the Advertising Policies listing what can and can't be posted on Facebook when it comes to guns and even ammo. Basically you can't promote the sale or use of firearms or ammo.
Well that didn't stop Murf's Guns, they managed to create a video that stays in the policy boundaries while getting across what they're all about and what they have available. The funniest thing, other than the video, is people are reacting and pledging to stop in for their next purchase. I've bought several guns from Murf's over the years, my entire family has. They're great and as they say "You'll get more BANG for your buck at Murf's."

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