After you've rolled through your usual binge-list of Halloween horror movies, boredom sets in. Believe me, the same happens to me around the holidays. I watch the movies I like, skip those I don't, and hope something new pops into my watchlist before I have to settle on rewatching the good stuff again.

After two years of everyone becoming homebodys, the world needs more entertainment. Luckily, the internet doesn't forget anything. I stumbled across a list of movies made in Oklahoma. Well, it's a list of movies that were filmed here at some point during filming. Many of which were entirely made in our state, especially horror films.

I don't know about you, but I love terrible horror movies. The dumber the better. Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness, Bubba the Redneck Werewolf, Velocipastor, Sharcula, etc... Classics in my own mind. Given the titles of Made in Oklahoma horror movies, I can only expect they'll carry on that tradition of truly, terribly awesome flicks.

Terror At Tenkiller

A good old fashion slasher flick full of murder and deception. Named for Oklahoma's Tenkiller Lake, oddly enough shot entirely at Fort Gibson sixty miles away.

Blood Cult

A typical slasher good-vs-evil film. With a murderer on the loose at an Oklahoma college, it's up to the police to catch the bad guy with only a gold coin calling card to go on.

Hellraiser: Judgement

Odds are you've seen at least one Hellraiser film... This one is much of the same, only it was entirely filmed in Oklahoma.

Children of the Corn: Runaway

Just a small-town girl, running away into a lonely world. She's caught in a one-horse town in Oklahoma. Fun fact, it was filmed alongside Hellraiser: Judgement by the same people.

The House of the Dead

A classic horror caper consisting of four intertwining short stories set inside a mortuary. It's pretty creepy in the best awful ways.


Addiction, mysteries, and ghosts... This one is so bad it's good.

The Frighteners

The wildcard of the bunch, this one is a Hollywood heavy-hitter that did little to nothing at the theaters. Cutting-edge 90s CGI, movie magic, and an all-star cast lead by Michael J Fox. A hilariously bad comedy-horror flick.

Camp Cold Brook

Following the OG Friday the 13th map of how to make a horror movie, Camp Cold Brook honors that past with a big twist of paranormal activity. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 57%, you know it has to be good.


A classic tale of a boy who gets bullied. Falls for the pretty girl. Kills the bullies and gives their remains to the girl as presents. Creepy, sure, but bad in the best way possible.

Near Dark

If you were to mix every 80s movie into one and give it a horror spin, you'd get Near Dark. A band of roving vampire-cowboy gang members traveling town to town in a Winnebago in search of their next meal and a few new members. A true cult classic you've likely never seen.

The Pale Door

Another horror western, but on the scale of a big-budget B-movie. Cowboys and zombies, who can't love that?


A relaxing weekend away, a carjacking, kidnapping suspenseful story of a parasitic killer. It's a weird one for sure.

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