The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill earlier this week (SB-02) on Monday (04-19-21) that bans transgender girls from participating in women's sports. It passed the House by a (73-19) vote. The bill would prohibit biological male athletes from competing in women's sports in K-12 schools as well as universities. The new legislation has, as you can imagine, created quite a bit of controversy. Some say it's anti LGBTQ and others say it's pro sportsmanship and is more about fairness in women's athletics.  

The NCAA has already came out against it, even prior to it's passing, stating that they would not host championship games and tournaments in states, cities or colleges that prohibit transgender persons from participating in sports. The NCAA has proclaimed these laws or rules to be discriminatory and against their policies. You can read the full statement that was released last Monday (04-12-21) concerning transgenders in sports from the NCAA here. Both sides have their arguments to make when it comes to biologically sexed males in women's sports. Some say that an athlete should be able to participate in any sport and in any gender they identify as. Others say it's an unfair advantage when a biological male competes in women's sports and it shouldn't be allowed. That there are unfair advantages for transgendered athletes.

There have been cases both pro and con of transgender girls participating in women's sports. There have been a few instances where a transgendered girl has completely dominated a particular women's sport or event due to being a biological male. This is the primary reason legislation like (SB-02) is being introduced. An attempt to level the playing field and ensure there isn't an unfair advantage that a biological male could have in certain sports. So what are your thoughts on this? Take the quick poll below and let us know:   

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