After a couple of botched executions, public outcry, and drug suppliers unwilling to sell the state lethal injectables, Oklahoma is opting for the gas chamber. You see, lethal injection works in a three-drug series of events. The first drug lulls a convicted criminal into a state of unconsciousness. The second drug injection renders the recipient paralyzed, so they won't flail around when the third and final drug is administered. That third drug is what stops a persons heart, thus completing the process.

Here's the problem... The first drug is no longer made in the United States, and overseas drug makers refuse to sell it to the US if it is intended to be used in the capital punishment process. Instead, Oklahoma opted for a substitute drug, but in three separate instances, it did not work as they hoped. I'm sure you can remember the stories and headlines that were in the media at the time. Some truly awful incidents.

Skip forward to the present, and death row has a few residents in this state. 49 people in total, 16 of which have run out of appeals. Going forward, paperwork is being drawn up to move forward with the lethal injection replacement, nitrogen inhalation - AKA - hypoxia. A process in which oxygen will be replaced by nitrogen until the body dies.

While it does not sound fun at all, officials say additional steps will be taken to ensure a peaceful and humane administration of this process.

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