If you weren't in the know, the largest organization of freedom fighters in America has been under attack for the last few years. Not only from special interest groups outside the organization, but also from fellow members deep inside the NRA. Lawsuit after lawsuit was aimed to shutter the doors and end the NRA, but instead, they've decided to file bankruptcy in New York and move to a state that stands up for your constitutional right to bear arms. The NRA announced weeks ago that they were looking to make a move to Texas.

It's a move that makes sense. Texas is pretty solid on upholding the rights of the people thus far, but with the trend of people moving in from the left coast, the deeply red state is continuously turning a shade of purple. Their Lone Star gun rights may be better in line with the constitution right now thanks to shortsightedness of past OK legislators, but that all has a real chance of changing with every election down South. Seeing a chance to score a nationwide influence and settle that Tesla Cybertruck score, Oklahoma lawmakers have adopted a resolution to recruit the NRA to relocate to The Sooner State instead.

Love them or hate them, nobody can deny the influence the NRA has when it comes to protecting every citizens constitutional right to own firearms, even if every citizen chooses not to exercise said right. Personally, I don't like NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre on any level of his being. I didn't like his defending of one inanimate object by blaming another. I don't like the continually asking for money to fight for rights, then things like the bombshell news dropped about his travel habits and exorbitant spending of donated dollars on things like his personal wardrobe and that new house he bought in Texas... A real slime ball of a guy. Still, the NRA is the daggers tip when it comes to protecting that freedom.

So, would they be a good fit for Oklahoma? Eh... It's hard to say. Most of the guys at the top of the NRA seem like they would freak out if the local BBQ joint didn't have tablecloths and linen napkins... Life in Texas would be no different. Then again, relocating to a place where they can actually interact with average freedom loving gun owners would probably be the reality check they so desperately need. Remind them that that ivory tower they reside in is actually built on dirt and clay.

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