He was definitely thinking outside the bun on this one.

Boy oh boy do we have an interesting arrest today. Up in Oklahoma City on Saturday night, police were called out to the Taco Bell off of South Meridian. What happened? A man was in his car naked trying to order his food. Now, what happened to this man's clothes? His excuse was they were in the washer.

Really man? Every single piece of clothing you owned was in the washer? You may ask yourself, how did the cops get there in time to arrest him? Well, 61-year-old Christopher Sale would just keep coming back to the drive-thru window. First he wanted an additional taco, for free by the way. One employee didn't feel comfortable doing this, but another just gave it to him. Probably to get the naked man out of there.

Now he has a free taco, still not leaving. Mr. Sale wants some more sauce. I mean Taco Bell without the proper amount of sauce is bad. So he got more sauce. Still not happy, Mr. Sale now wanted some more napkins. He got his napkins and went on his way. Story should probably end here with Mr Sale getting arrested a few blocks away by the police.

Nope, Mr. Sale came BACK to the drive thru asking for more sauce. Are you kidding me man? Does your body run on Taco Bell fire sauce? When the officers were able to detain Sale, he told them he did not know it was against the law to drive naked. Ahh yes the old Dave Chappelle excuse. 'Sorry officer, I didn't know I couldn't do that'.


I know a lot of people are used to walking around naked while in quarantine, but if you're going out into the world. You do need to wear clothes. Even if you just plan on sitting in your car at the drive-thru.

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