Looks like an incident in October involving dogs mauling a man to death in Oklahoma has a different story going on right now.

Up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, police are currently looking for Benjamin Spence after he allegedly used his three dogs to maul Curtis Wickham to death back on October 22nd. Wickham is the ex to Spence's current girlfriend, Champaigne Walker. Walker and and Spence have never denied that the dogs killed Wickham.

However, at the time they claimed that Wickham was trying to break into the residence and the dogs were only trying to attack an intruder. They also said at the time that they did everything they could to get the dogs off of Wickham, but it was too late. Looks like that story isn't matching up with a new police affidavit.

Walker is now telling police Wickham came to her house looking for his cell phone. She was in bed when she heard a knock on the door. She then heard Spence and Wickham fighting and later saw “Spence point towards Wickham after which the dogs attacked him.” The statement also says that Spence just watched as the dogs tore into Wickham. Walker also claims that Spence dropped a television on Wickham's head while he was lying on the ground.

Pretty much complete opposite statements that were originally given to the police. Spence is currently on the run and police have charged him with second degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. The victim’s family says they are relieved by the charges and happy that Wickham is receiving justice.

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