Some men just want to watch the world burn. This guy is one of those men.

The Tulsa Fire Department had a very interesting call early this morning about a Quick Trip being set intentionally on fire at at 81st and Memorial. I guess we can say the positive to this story is that no one was hurt and that the guy did not set the pumps on fire. That would have definitely caused way more damage than what happened.

A man walked into the store this morning and told everyone to leave. He then dumped a container of gasoline all over the counter and set it on fire. The man then fled the scene, but witnesses were able to get a description of the vehicle he fled in. Police later found the man up the road after he sideswiped a vehicle. Police believe the man was on some sort of drug.


Police say when they arrested the man he said, he just wanted to set something on fire. Well mission accomplished sir. He attempted to set the outside of the building on fire, but was unsuccessful with that attempt. The damage to the store was minimal, but the owner expects the business to be closed for at least a week.

Marshall Chippewa was taken to hospital for a wellness check, then will be going to jail. Andy Little with the Tulsa Fire Department says this is now a federal case after it was determined that the man is a tribal citizen and because the fire occurred at a business affecting interstate commerce. We will see how many charges this guy ends up facing due to this.

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