While the news about Oklahoma is usually less-than-appealing or flattering to us, here's something that won't make you cringe.

Oklahoma is one of the most attractive states in the country.


The Sooner State is officially ranked 7th nationwide, according to this rag. Taking into account things like how many residents have made the Sexiest (man/woman) Alive lists and pageant winners like Miss America 2007 Lauren Nelson.

It's quite the comeback story considering Oklahoma was ranked near the bottom in terms of attractive people just three years ago.

Why the sudden change?

The Yellowstone Effect


In the last couple of years, as the gritty and raunchy Yellowstone series has gained mass popularity across the country, people started to see the rural flyover portions of the country as untapped attractive gold.

At the moment, the rock-hard jaws of beauty icons like Oklahoma native Brad Pitt pale in comparison to the bearded roughneck qualities and softer silhouettes like that of Yellowstone's Cole Hauser.

Honestly, it's like Oklahoma woke up in style this year, and it'll probably stay that way until the new wears off the country/cowboy style or the country gets a look at the permed mullets on all of our youth.

While skin-deep things like this never last long, we'll enjoy it while we can. We're Oklahoma and we're pretty today.

Top 20 Oklahoma Towns Most Hated by Okies

Oklahoma spends quite a bit of time talking about why we don't like everywhere else. Like Sooner fans and people in Southern OK talk trash on Texas, Northern OK hates Kansas, Eastern OK isn't fond of Arkansas, etc... but what about our own state?

I ran across a dead thread on liberal Facebook--AKA--Reddit where people were talking in detail trying to rank the worst cities in the state. While you may not agree politically with your fellow statesmen, you really can't defend a lot of this. Here's the list for least worse to absolute worst as voted by them.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Ten Iconic Oklahoma Restaurants You Have To Try

I think it's fair to say that each state probably has its own legends when it comes to restaurants. Pennsylvania has cheesesteaks, New York has wings and pizza, Texas has Franklin BBQ and Tex-Mex, etc...

Oklahoma is no different.

Birthed into statehood as a cattle state, there's no shortage of beef on any menu here, but there's a little room for chicken and fries too. Here are the absolute, hands down, best restaurants, in no particular order, everyone has to try in The Sooner State.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Oklahoma's Ten Poorest Cities and Towns

While it's a list no municipality aspires to be on, there's one in every state across America. Whether it's due to limited economic opportunities, the failing popularity of once-booming towns, or a generation of youth running away from their hometowns, but nine out of the ten poorest communities exist on the east side of I-35.

Based on the stats of those living at or below the state poverty level, median household incomes, and unemployment, here are the poorest communities in Oklahoma.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Top 10 Snobbiest Towns & Cities in Oklahoma

Don't shoot the messenger. I'm not calling these places snobby, the internet is. A recent report by Roadsnacks.net identified 10 of the snobbiest towns and cities in Oklahoma. The methodology behind the study used median household incomes, the percentage of the population with college educations, and median home prices in determining just how snobby a town or city is. Most would agree with the results below. Unless you live in one of these places, then you may disagree. Also, keep in mind this list was all done in good fun. Sure there's some truth to the findings but like most places, you'll find both good and bad. Keep scrolling to check out Oklahoma's top 10 snobbiest towns and cities to see if your hometown made the list.

Gallery Credit: Don "Critter" Brown

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