Between fuel prices, grocery prices, home prices, mortgage rates, health insurance hikes, and historic and crazy-high inflation, we've all been waiting to see exactly what last-minute gut punch 2023 has in store for us as we enter the last holiday of the year... but this was unexpectedly good news.

If you're a customer from PSO (Public Service Company of Oklahoma), you might be in line for a series of refunds over the first few months of 2024.

From PSO:

Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) residential customers will see refunds of interim rates on their monthly bills starting in January.


The Oklahoma Corporation Commission approved new rates for PSO customers on November 21, resulting in refunds with interest on interim rates that began May 22.

PSO will apply refunds to customer bills as a credit from January through April. For the typical residential customer, who uses 1,100 kilowatt hours a month, the monthly refund is $2.81.

Simply put, it cost PSO less than they expected to produce power in 2023, so they're giving back the difference to consumers. While $2.81 doesn't amount to much, it speaks volumes of PSO.

If you're an OG&E consumer, I checked around their website and asked the few OGE customers I know personally... as far as I've found, they either haven't announced refunds yet or won't. Time will tell with Oklahoma's most hated utility provider.

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