If you're currently unemployed and in need of childcare services so you can find employment OKDHS (Oklahoma Department of Human Services) has a program to help you out.

Starting today (10-01-21) OKDHS will offer free childcare for up to 3 months, 90 days to anyone who may have lost their job and is looking for work. Originally the program was for those who lost their employment due to COVID-19 but it was just recently expanded to cover everyone, regardless of how they lost their job.

The program was also extended from 60 to 90 days of fully subsidized childcare to Oklahoma parents who are looking for employment. For more information and to apply you can visit OKDHSLive.org.

Funding for the program was provided by a $50 million dollar grant through the federal CARES Act. So far the program has assisted more than 440 Oklahomans return to work by providing needed childcare.

Apply today and once approved all you have to do is select a child care provider who is licensed and contracted with OKDHS to accept subsidy payments.

You can find a full list of these licensed, quality childcare programs using the Child Care Locator. You can access the locator by clicking here. Once you're approved and signed up you'll get a full 90 days of free childcare to help you find a new job and get started back to work.

This will definitely help a lot of people and it's good that OKDHS extended the program to include anyone who's currently unemployed regardless of how they lost their job. See the official press release below from OKDHS below. You can also visit their official Facebook page for more information.

Facebook.com- Oklahoma Human Services
Facebook.com- Oklahoma Human Services

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