Home prices have been the talk of the economy the last few years, even here in Oklahoma.

While the Sooner State has been and still remains one of the best bang for the buck states to live in, with our much lower cost of living, that low cost is more expensive than ever. Not only for home buyers, but renters too.

Rent has skyrocketed across the state.


Along with everything from utilities to groceries, rent has grown incredibly fast. The last home I rented in Lawton - a modest 3-bed, 2-bath house - used to cost $750 each month. That same house with zero updates is again listed on the rental market in town for $1,300 a month.

I mention this in casual conversation and people usually don't bat an eye until I mention I only moved out five-ish years ago. Even by big city standards, that's quite a jump in price.

It was the jump from $650 a month to $750 one year that made me decide to buy a home, and I'm of the thousands of Millennials who are thankful we bought when we did. The housing market followed the rent market in value over the years, and the interest rate crisis we've experienced under the current federal administration is crushing.

Now it seems nobody can afford to rent or buy homes right now.

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Surprisingly, due to the rising price of homes, young people are opting to live in smaller communities. The kind of places that most people speak endlessly about leaving. Single stop-sign towns like Bray, Inola, Thomas, and Corn. With the advent of remote jobs, good pay goes a long way in these small little towns.

In turn, it's the smallest towns across Oklahoma that are seeing the biggest jumps in home value and buyer demand. It's a sellers market almost everywhere you look outside of the bigger cities.

Of course, there are a few of the usual exclusive communities seeing the same substantial growth at the moment. Metro-area communities like Claremore and Nichols Hills, but it's the tiny towns that are the real shocker. Left to die by previous residents, brought back to life by Zoomers.

Here's the rundown of the fastest-growing housing markets in Oklahoma.

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