Today's the day! You can get .99-cent corn dogs all day today at Oklahoma Sonic Drive-ins. So if you're looking for a cheap and easy lunch or dinner swing by your local Sonic and grab some .99-cent corn dogs.


I plan on making a trip to Sonic for both lunch and dinner today to take full advantage of the .99-cent corn dog deal. How do you like your corn dog? As for me, I like a little mustard, okay a whole lot of mustard.

So if you're a fan of the corn dog head to Sonic Drive-In and order up a few, or a few dozen. They pair wonderfully with a cherry limeade or a cherry, vanilla Dr. Pepper. Don't forget to order some tots too.

Oklahoma Sonic Drive-Ins have .99-cent corn dogs all day today (08-16-23)

Organic CornDog on a stick with ketchup and mustard

No one knows for sure who first created this deep-fried wonder or when it first appeared. It's a hotly debated topic and continues to be a mystery to this day. I'm just glad I live in a world and time where corn dogs exist.


Chances are that no matter where you live in the Sooner State there's a Sonic Drive-In somewhere nearby. So make sure you visit the closest location to you sometime today to score some .99-cent corn dogs.

You can visit the official Sonic Drive-In website by clicking here to find the closest Sonic near you. You can also check them out on Facebook by clicking here. Don't let it pass you by get .99-cent corn dogs today.

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