Today's the day, the Oklahoma State Fair is officially open! The state fair will be going on in Oklahoma City at the OKC Fairgrounds starting today until Sunday, September 26th (09-26-21). Last year it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since there was no state fair last year organizers are interested to see how big or small the crowd gets. I'm betting it'll be a near record year. People are ready to get back to "normal."

After the Oklahoma State Fair was cancelled last year because of the pandemic a lot of people are wondering what the requirements, if any, will be to attend this year's state fair. With the recent spike in new COVID-19 cases and Delta variant infections within the state will there be mandates or other policies in place?

The answer to that question is no. There will not be a mask mandate or COVID-19 proof of vaccination requirement to attend the Oklahoma State Fair, despite all the rumors. For whatever reason people keep telling others and posting all over social media that face masks and vaccination proof, or a negative COVID-19 test are required, it's not. State fair organizers are encouraging people to wear masks if indoors, practice social distancing along with suggesting frequent handwashing or sanitizing.

There is no mandatory or required COVID-19 policies at the state fair, it's up to the individual. The policies or protocols that are in place to combat COVID-19 at the state fair are focused instead on providing more frequent sanitation and space between vendors, booths, rides and attractions. This will allow for better separation for social distancing and there will be more sanitation stations set up for people to use.

I'm looking forward to going and this year's state fair sounds amazing. Visit the official website to get all the details, tickets and a full listing of all the midway attractions, rides, food, events, exhibits, concerts and other entertainment that will be happening this year. It's great to have the Oklahoma State Fair back!

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