Like all things seem to do these days, electric vehicles have become a common political topic. In a state built around the oil and gas industry, it's a love/hate thing and the side of the political spectrum you lean can be accurately judged by what a person drives.

This isn't political, but I'm sure the news will be weaponized as such in due time.

Telsa has issued a recall to all vehicles to tweak the faulty autopilot system.


From the day Tesla Autopilot was introduced, it became a taboo thing. All new technology becomes taboo. Humans overwhelmingly hate change and Americans are naturally suspicious of anything that comes with a too-good-to-be-true sales pitch.

In this case, all of those doubters are proven right.

The Study

Autopilot was meant to assist drivers on the road all in the name of safety, but the moment it was released to the public years ago, videos and pics filled the web showing drivers comfortably asleep behind the wheel.


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Tesla has always maintained that Autopilot isn't designed that way, but ultimately left responsibility to the drivers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just wrapped up a two-year study and concluded Tesla's Autopilot system wasn't safe enough for American drivers. They didn't actually use that phrase, but that's the gist of it after investigating several crashes, some deadly, in which Tesla Autopilot was at least partially utilized.

The recommendation to Tesla is to bulk up the Autopilot system to keep drivers more aware on the road.


It's not just Oklahoma either, the recall is nationwide.

With Christmas less than two weeks away, I'd bet this is a common topic that will be brought up around most tables when the political talk starts.

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