As much as people complain about how behind the times Oklahoma is, this state sure has been full of surprises the last couple of years. Beyond having some of the most forward thinking and freely available medical marijuana laws in the land, Oklahoma is to be among the first states to legally issue and allow drivers licenses to be carried digitally in the new Apple Wallet.

Say what you want, this is a good thing. While I would be the type that wouldn't want Apple, or Google for that matter, having that much of my personal information to use as revenue in times of selling data, this might ease the dumpster fire that has been the licensing process here in Oklahoma since the start of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, it won't ease the congestion in the actual testing process, and it won't likely have a hefty affect on getting the actual license in crowded tag agencies... but having it available on demand in the cell phone you never leave at home is going to be a convenient thing for the majority of drivers.

Here's the great thing about this first step to real digital progress, it's going to be useful for anyone with a drivers license, and given Apple's track record so far, that process of adding it to your mobile device is probably going to be pretty smooth. I'm not an iPhone fan personally, but you can't deny how stupid simple it is to use, which will most likely benefit the elderly that opt for this option. Not only will it be valid to use when an officer of the law asks for your papers, this is expected to ease the traveling burdens with TSA also. No official date has been set yet, but the expectation is soon.

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