For years it has been nearly impossible to draw a hunt for elk or deer on Fort Sill. For non-military people, the new security measures set forth last decade just aren't able to accommodate it. If you are current or retired military, it's still not easy to gain a hunt. It's all done through a lottery drawing. This year, almost anybody can win the bull elk hunt of a lifetime being given away by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and Conservation.

First and foremost, while it's at the bottom of the flyer the OKDOWC put out, you must be able to lawfully gain entry to Fort Sill. A clean background is paramount in achieving this first hurdle. As long as you can, you're eligible to win.

Second, this guided Fort Sill hunt is good for any elk you happen to stalk, including one of those massive and heavy six-by-six bull elk bruisers that call the military post home. If you spend three days hunting and all you find are cows, you're welcome to take that too. It's for either sex, your call as the hunter.

Third, nobody is guaranteeing that you'll harvest your prey. Elk are notoriously hard to hunt, especially in the Oklahoma hills. This is even more true on Fort Sill when you mix in the sound of freedom we hear so often from the field artillery range. Odds are, to find a big bull, you're going to have to push yourself to the physical limit to earn a trophy.

This contest giveaway is being offered as a raffle. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and Conservation is selling tickets now through December 3rd. The drawing will happen quickly, and the winner will be notified immediately so the logistics can be hammered out... Post access, firearms registration, checks, and balances on your license requirements, and such.

Tickets are $10 for each individual single ticket, or you can purchase a bundle of five for just $30. If you win, you'll have the hunting grounds mostly to yourself as this guided hunt happens January 5th through the 7th, unless you bag your meats before that Friday rolls around.

As the winner, you're welcome to choose the manner in which you'll harvest. At least that's how it's described in the flyer. Can you imagine the challenge of stalking an elk with a bow? Luckily, you'll be guided by a man that has spent the last thirty years hunting elk at Fort Sill. While you can't depend on the weather or what the range will be doing during that time period just yet, they promise to get you as close to the action as you can take.

If you're living with a disability but still want to take on this challenge, everyone involved is on board to help make it your dream hunt too. Any accommodation that can be made will be made.

But wait, there's more....

Here's the best part of all of this. If you win this hunt and if you're successful on this hunt, the team making it all possible will be Johnny-on-the-spot to dress, cape, cut, pack, and haul your meat and carcass out of the woods for you. All you'll need to provide is a couple of really big ice chests.

So, the question you have to ask yourself now is... how many tickets do you want? Click here to go to the official contest page, you'll find ticket purchase links at the bottom.

Good luck and godspeed meat eater.

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