According to the official website, Oklahoma isn't getting a single packet of Szechuan sauce. Even though Oklahoma is one of the top ten most obese states, McDonald's will be 'Bogarting' the goodness from out collective pallets.

Sure, you can circumvent their will and drive to Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, or New Mexico - AKA - Every state that touches Oklahoma... But you won't be served up that sweet poison in the Sooner state.

Why? Who knows. Lets just go ahead and blame it on our do-nothing state government... ie - If Szechuan sauce were good roads and school, we wouldn't be smart enough to know our roads were actually abysmal. But our exclusion isn't exclusive.

Of our fifty states, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Ohio, Vermont, and Maine are all left out of the limited time offer.

The good news though, there are a ton of recipes online if you want to cook some up yourself.


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