To encourage people to get out and enjoy the hard work that goes into producing our lakes, the State of Oklahoma gives everyone a free pass for a weekend every year. There are no charges for using or fishing in any state lake, nor do you need a fishing license during those couple of days. Since it's always the first weekend of June in this state, that free weekend is this coming weekend.

I talked to the Lawton Lakes Department, and they too are giving a free pass on all municipal lakes. Whether you'd like to try catching a trophy smallmouth at Lawtonka, wrestle a nasty catfish out of Ellsworth, or spend a few hours entertaining the kids at Lake Helen (Inside Elmer Thomas Park). I also talked with the ranger over the Duncan municipal lakes and a City Hall employee in Marlow. The Duncan city lakes and Lake Taylor in Marlow is also free to use and fish in all weekend. But there are more lakes in the area worth exploring.

Lake Lugert in Altus has been on the rebound for a few years now, and local fisherman swear they're catching fish. The Waurika Lake report says hybrid and white bass are biting at the moment, and that largemouth haven't gone deep yet. Jap Beaver Lake is a solid producer of largemouth bass, but this time of year, it's nearly impossible to get a bite. I might have to travel over to Tom Steed this weekend. I've never fished there, but I hear the tales of fisherman (which are usually, well, embellished) but I think Crowder Lake is calling my name.

Nearly every single lake in Oklahoma is participating in this free fishing/free use weekend, with the exceptions being those that are closed due to the ridiculous flooding.

On a side note, if you know what happened to the dock at Elmer Thomas Lake, let me know. I'm just curious.

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