While Oklahoma certainly has a ton of beautiful and friendly places, these are not among them. Or at least that's what people are saying, especially those who happen to live in these places. These are the most hated and disliked towns and cities in the Sooner State according to an online forum that's been posted recently.


There's a thread on the Oklahoma subreddit where people are offering their heated opinions on the places they really don't like in the Sooner State. The thread "Most disliked city/town in OK?" is buzzing with replies and more than its fair share of disdain. Most of the comments are from those who live in these places.

The most hated and disliked towns and cities in Oklahoma all have something in common

Philip Openshaw
Philip Openshaw

Some of the towns and cities being mentioned that are among the most hated or disliked include Oklahoma City, Lawton, Tulsa, Edmond, Duncan, Stillwater, and Moore. Those are just a few of the places in the state people seem to really not like and have negative things to say about. And the comments just keep coming.


Most, if not all, of the towns and cities people say they hate and/or dislike have high crime rates, drug and gang issues, trashy abandoned properties along with poor employment and education opportunities. That along with bad city governments and a good old boy network that refuses to allow the town/city to grow.

From trashy and abandoned properties to high crime rates people really hate these places

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Oddly enough most people in the comments are arguing that they're town or city is the absolute worst. A kind of reverse pride kind of thing, one-upping each other on just how bad their town or city is when compared to other places. There's nothing quite like negative topics to bring people together in mutual hatred and anger.


The comment section or thread is out of control and hilarious. It may be negative, but when was the last time you typed out a positive review or comment? What town or city in Oklahoma do you hate or dislike the most? Add your two cents here. Keep scrolling to check out some of Oklahoma's most hated and disliked places.

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