I saw an infographic somewhere online last weekend about skyscrapers across the United States. It was a map of the US and how many skyscrapers each state had.

No shocker, New York (267) has the most of all states. Illinois (114) has the second most, followed by Texas (64), Florida (61), and California (49) to round out the top-five.

What was shocking is how many skyscrapers Oklahoma has in comparison to other larger states.

If the title wasn't a dead giveaway, Oklahoma is home to six skyscrapers as defined by modern standards. On the face of it, six isn't a large number by any measure, but the Sooner State is in the median-middle of skyscraper metrics.

What makes a skyscraper?

The definition of the word has changed several times over the years, but it's the generic term Americans have always used for tall buildings.

When ironworkers used to rivet buildings together, a skyscraper was any building over 10 stories tall...

Example: The skyscrapers of my youth in my hometown...


...but as building technology improved with the development of welding, skyscrapers have become defined as any building that stands over 492 feet tall above street level.

Here's a quick rundown of the Oklahoma buildings that meet that definition.

Oklahoma's Sooner-Six Skyscrapers

When it comes to the topic of skyscrapers and Oklahoma, the details are a little muddy. If you were to search "Oklahoma skyscrapers" online, it'll likely return a list of thirty tall Sooner State buildings, but while all skyscrapers are high-rises, not all high-rises are skyscrapers.

The modern-day definition of a skyscraper is based almost entirely on height. To be considered, a building must be at least 492 feet tall above ground level... Oklahoma has plenty of tall buildings around the state, but only the Sooner-Six qualifies by definition.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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