Since we've actually made it to the end of the longest year on record, it seems people that don't normally look forward to the holidays are turning on a little holiday cheer this year. I'm one of those people. For the first time, I've left my Halloween tree up to double as my xmas tree. All the same, the push back to live trees has made a comeback over the years, and Norman, Oklahoma is home to one of the biggest in this entire region. But it's not just a tree farm, it's a full on destination experience.

Welcome to Well's Family Christmas Tree Farm an hour up the turnpike from us. It's not just the place where Oklahoma grows holiday trees, it's a legit place where people spend the weekend. People even book weddings at this place. It's massive and run by a small family who are pretty adept to marketing online.

They not only provide trees for the season, they have a pretty good selection of down home holiday presents that your mom or lady friend is bound to love. They have stuff for guys too, but what self respecting man buys a gift for another man they're not directly related to? Come on. Getting in the spirit is borderline, you don't want to get your card punched over some candles and junk. You do get credit though if you cut down your own tree.

If you'd like to make the trip up and see what it's all about, it's just an hour away in Norman. That means you'll have to take the spur turnoff right after the second toll booth, but it's the quickest way. They open this Friday, and as everyone has been super bored this year, it'll probably be a popular destination. Here's the link to their website.

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