If your memory is good enough, you'll remember that one of the first shortages at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic was guns and ammo. They simply vanished from store shelves across the country.

A lack of manufacturing due to covid-closures mixed with an obviously changing political climate made guns and ammo seriously hike prices even before the 2020 election.

As President Biden took office the shortage only intensified. At one point people were paying a ridiculous 8X value on some of the most common calibers of ammunition in America, even more on the less popular stuff. Cheap guns disappeared, the market for high-end stuff doubled, and it was enough to push me into other hobbies.

Here we are in 2022, and while the prices are still sky-high, building a market bubble that will someday pop, at least most things are back to having a somewhat normal availability. Guns and ammo are available again at a stupid premium in most gun shops across this part of the country... but what about gun shows?

Traditionally gun shows have always been the place to go to find a deal. More often than not you could find deep discounts on pretty much everything a firearms enthusiast would seek out to buy, but the trend has been quite the opposite in the last decade or so.

At least at the few gun shows I've been to in the last ten years seems like the prices are 20% higher than the price-hiking local gun shops. Makes it really hard to continue celebrating the most sacred of your constitutional rights... but like every market that exists in a bubble, it has to eventually pop.

If you remember about ten years ago, a shooting happened while the anti-gun crowd had total control in Washington. It spurred on one of history's greatest arms races within the United States. You couldn't buy a base-model $500 AR-15 for less than a grand for a few years... until the bubble popped... as retailers were flush with ARs, the average price dropped to about $400 per gun and they became so common enthusiasts moved on to other platforms like the lesser AK-47. Now those inaccurate fun monstrosities are fetching a steep premium.

While it's hard to know what the climate is going to be at the next truly big gun show, it is happening this coming weekend at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. Click this link to get all the details and a coupon for a dollar off your admission. If you find a deal consider yourself lucky... If you find a lot of deals, we'll all hope the price-gouging madness is over.

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