Each and every year, there is a flood of lists that hit the internet that organize various statistics into usable data declaring which US towns are the safest and most dangerous. While Tulsa ended up on the list of most dangerous towns in America, one single Oklahoma small-town Mayberry made the list of the safest towns in America.

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Welcome to Lone Grove. A literal dot on the map way out in the middle of almost nowhere. Well, technically, I think Lone Grove is considered a type of suburb to Ardmore. Sort of in the same way Elgin is related to Lawton... Scratch that, Elgin is too nice a town to compare... Lone Grove is to Ardmore like Cache is to Lawton. Pretty small, sort of old, and a little run down in a charming sort of way, but also filling with new-construction tract homes.

According to the list of America's safest towns at Safewise.com, Long Grove boasts some pretty impressive numbers as far as personal and property crimes are concerned. With a population of just over five thousand people, there are zero personal violent crimes taking place here in any given year.

So it must just be property crime, right? Well, not really. Even with that 5,000+ population, there are only two and a half property crimes per thousand people.

Think about that number for a second. On average, twelve and a half property crimes per year in a town of five thousand. My family is from a town of just over 2000 people and they see 27 assaults per thousand people. 32 violent crimes per thousand. 107 burglaries per thousand. 92 thefts per thousand people... This two and a half per thousand rate Lone Grove has is incredibly low.

The real question is, existing adjacent to Ardmore - AKA - the 7th most dangerous city in Oklahoma and cornerstone of the Southeastern Oklahoma Redneck Triangle Methzone, how do they keep their community so safe from those looking for a quick score? The world may never know.

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