The Grammys aren't the only major awards musicians can win. There's also the Academy Award for the Best Original Song in a film, and Arcade Fire, Adele and the Black Keys have made the shortlist of 75 artists up for that prestigious honor.

Arcade Fire nabbed a nomination for 'Abraham's Daughter,' which they contributed to the soundtrack to the blockbuster 'The Hunger Games.'

Adele's Bond theme 'Skyfall' was nominated, which is no surprise, since it was a brand-new taste of music from the best-selling singer.

The Black Keys gained recognition for 'Baddest Man Alive,' cut for Wu-Tang Clan member RZA's kung-fu film 'The Man With the Iron Fists.'

The initial 75 acts will be whittled down even further, with those that make the final cut slated to be announced on Jan. 10 at the nominations ceremony. The Oscar will be handed out on Feb. 24 at the 85th annual broadcast.

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