Otherwise are rocking radio with their current single "Angry Heart," and the band is teaming up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of the video for the song.

In the clip, Otherwise get ready for the ultimate battle with one of their most formidable foes --- themselves. Mike Watts directed the clever clip, which finds the members getting a bit combative with hooded figures before the reveal is made.

Singer Adrian Patrick says of the clip, "The concept for the video of 'Angry Heart' is specifically constructed around the lyric line: 'So who is all bite and who is all bark? The Wolf of Light or the Wolf of Dark?' I gave our director, Mike Watts, some insight into my own struggles with anger and alcohol, and trying to find a balance between my new life as a family man and my lifelong musical mission. He devised this brilliant, provocative storyline that serves as an analogy for my inner battles... do I follow the overwhelming love for my family and give up on the fire of my passion, or vice versa? Having the entire band act in the video itself helped to capture the authenticity of our plight. The video is a powerfully honest piece and it feels good to be so proud of it."

In our recent interview with Patrick, he revealed that it truly was a family affair shooting the clip. "It is very true to life," said Patrick. "My wife played my co-star, she’s the female lead in the in the video." He continued, "There’s some part that isn’t acting. It’s like it’s real life and it’s a great analogy of the director’s vision. Mike Watts, he used the storyline of the lyrics of the song and he created this analogy of the struggle between family life and how this is a calling to rock and roll. They did a really good job of executing it and putting it down on film and I’m excited."

The song itself came to Patrick while watching an interview on a cross-country flight featuring MMA fighter Cris Cyborg. "For a long time, she was that fighter in the women’s division that nobody wanted to fight because she was unknown, she wasn’t a household name, but she was just as good if not better than all of these big name fighters, and she finally got a shot," says Patrick. "She proved herself and she won the belt and in this interview ... she says basically if you know me, I’m a very good person, I’m a very nice person outside of the ring. I don’t know why I fight with such an angry heart. And that really just resonated with me because that’s how my brother I feel every time you step on a stage. No only are we big fans of MMA and combat sports, we partake and enjoy and do it recreationally and that is part of that same ethos in our performances, and it’s a great way to set the stage for the record. Especially where we’re at right now mentally, we want to come out swinging you know."

"Angry Heart" is featured on Otherwise's new album, Sleeping Lions. The disc arrives in stores today and you can pick up your copy via Amazon, iTunes or their PledgeMusic campaign. You can look for Otherwise promoting the album on tour with RED and 10 Years at these stops.

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