As the world practices social distancing and self isolating, some of the more haunting images to come from the coronavirus pandemic have been the typically bustling cities of America with now vacant landscapes. Otherwise have captured a bit of what's going on in their vacation and gambling capital hometown of Las Vegas in their latest video for "Crossfire."

Singer Adrian Patrick shares, “One of the hardest things we've ever had to do, as performing artists, was cancel our Defy Division Tour. It's left us wondering how we'll be able to feed our families, if we'll still even have a career after this. We know that millions of others across the globe are facing the same dire prospect. Yet it's not just jobs & money that we are losing... people are fighting for their lives, right now."

He continued, "The whole world has been caught in the Crossfire. We never thought we'd live to see the heartbreaking day when the bright lights and dancing fountains are turned off in the Neon Desert. But we are all in this together, so let's keep our heads down low & hopes up high, for humanity. This pandemic doesn't discriminate... and neither does rock n roll. Stay safe, stay home, stay strong."

The video, seen below, opens with the directive from Nevada's governor Steve Sisolak to shut down all gaming as of midnight on March 17. From there, the clip is a mixture of iconic casinos, walkways and streets completely empty mixed with some band performance footage of their most recent single.

The track comes from the band's latest album, Defy, which is currently available in a variety of options here.

Otherwise, "Crossfire"

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