Welcome back Otherwise, who are currently ramping up to a new album by offering one of their most open and honest statements to date with their new song "Full Disclosure."

The anthemic rocker is kicking off promotion of the group's still untitled next album, with the band voicing their frustrations over those who inevitably hold back from showing their true selves.

“We’ve met people who are different from their stage persona,” observes guitarist Ryan Patrick. “It’s genuine frustration with people who aren’t what they seem. This is who we are.”

“To sum it up as a former business law major-slash-minor, ‘Full Disclosure’ is a legal term, and it means what you see is what you fucking get,” grins singer Adrian Patrick.

As stated, the band is in the process of working up a new album, with details to be revealed a little later. But "Full Disclosure" offers a hint of where things are going musically with the band pulling back any barriers as to who they are and what they're about.

“Honestly, we have lived every single note and each fucking lyric we’ve written,” Adrian declares. “We don’t have costumes or a gimmick. We’re just dudes on stage singing about what we’ve gone through.”

Get a listen to the song and check out the lyrics and video below. If you like what you hear, the track is currently available via multiple platforms at this location.

Otherwise, "Full Disclosure" Lyrics

I've been around for too long
Not to know right from wrong
I've been selling myself out for fame on a song

I ain't like them no
I’ve been biting my tongue
But I know what you’ve done

(So I’m done)

Sick of the bullshit they’re feeding me

Not knowing your friends from your enemies
Leading the blind
Blurring the lines of humanity
So you got something to say
Say it to my fucking face
I’m calling you out
Outta the crowd
You can meet me backstage

Full Disclosure
I thought I told ya
I ain't like them other motherfuckers
I’m a warrior

Full disclosure
The joke’s over
You might not know
So I’m giving you Full Disclosure

Now I’m losing my youth
Redefining the truth
Now I'm more than just one
I’m a father, a son
I’m just like you
I’m just trying to find what I’m leaving behind

(Now I know)
Everything’s not what it seems
In this American dream
But I can tell you that it’s worth it just to hear ‘em scream
Someday you’ll know what I mean
Living the lessons you’re learning from me
But I can tell you boy, nothing in this life is free

Sick of the poison they’re feeding me
Not knowing your friends from your enemies
Trying to murder my legacy
Head blowing up like a Kennedy

So you got something to say
Say it to my fucking face

Otherwise, "Full Disclosure"

In other news, the Patrick brothers have both been involved of late with the Life by Music organization that supplies music programs with instruments. “Hopefully, we’re creating an empowering environment where kids get the spark like I remember when music affected my soul,” Ryan says.“There’s nothing like seeing that. It’s cooler than anything we’ve done. It brings back the purity.”

You can currently catch Otherwise on tour with Saliva. Check out their upcoming dates below and get ticketing info here.

Otherwise 2022 Tour Dates

June 16 - Joliet, Ill. @ The Forge
June 17 - Green Bay, Wis. @ EPIC Event Center
June 19 - Madison, Wis. @ High Noon Saloon
June 21 - Springfield, Mo. @ Kiss Bar and Grill
June 22 - Arnold, Mo. @ 21 Rock
June 23 - Lawrence, Kan. @ Bottleneck
June 24 - Evansville, Ind. @ KC’s Time Out Lounge and Grill
June 25 - Creve Coeur, Ill. @ Crusens Rt 29
June 26 - Sioux City, Iowa @ The Marquee
June 28 - Minot, N.D. @ The Original
June 30 - Hobart, Ind. @ Art Theater
July 02 - Battle Creek, Mich. @ The Music Factory
July 05 - Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Hard Rock Café
July 07 - Indianapolis, Ind. @ The Rathskeller
July 08 - Waterloo, Iowa @ Electric Park Ballroom
July 09 - Saint Joseph, Mo. @ Café Acoustic Concert Hall
July 10 - Columbia, Mo. @ Rose Music Hall
July 13 - Cadott, Wis. @ Rock Fest Cadott 2022
July 27 - Boston, Mass. @ MGM Music Hall at Fenway

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