First off... Click here to see the event!

If you haven't had a good deep dive into the web in the last week or so, there's an event floating on Facebook called "Storm Area 51: They Won't Be Able To Stop Us All." It's an open invitation to anyone that wants to mingle with the militaries most famous classified site. The plan is to amass a ton of people just beyond the base boundaries and start the assault around 3AM on September 20th.

Honestly, this is more than likely the joke that kicks off the next iteration of memes. It's hilarious. I mean, if you really think about it, how many people would be mowed down by the security forces that surround that Nevada air strip? There's speculation of tear gas and rubber bullets... but when you're talking about classified national security, it's hard to assume they'd be wearing kid gloves.

All the same, maybe the premise behind the joke has valor. Perhaps if enough citizens lined up around the boundaries, it would force the government into submission. Then again... I don't think we have the right commander in chief in office for something like this. I don't think Trump would give a single inch let alone the whole mile. We'd have to bide our time, waiting for the right wimpy bleeding heart career politician to be in that office.

Anyway, the thought is hilarious. There will most likely be a small percentage of the pledged people actually show up for the lols, some will take it seriously, you can bet the media will have a field day, and the memes will be glorious.

Give the page a like. It's full of gloriousness.

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