Not too long ago I mentioned how I would like to learn how to smoke meats in my own backyard. My buddies like to jest how it's just a trait of my growing age, but I've gotten a taste for ribs in the last six months, and $25 per rack is getting expensive.

While I'm not convinced learning to smoke ribs yourself is in any way cheaper, at least I'd be able to toss em on at lunch and have some after work for dinner. At least that's a thought.

I'm pretty lucky in the sense that when I mentioned I was going to buy a smoker to my sister, she told me I could have her old one. It's small but relatively new. It also works with pellets.

I know, I know... BBQ purists talk endlessly about how pellet-smoking isn't real smoking, but free is my favorite thing. Set-it-and-forget-it type things are my second favorite.

I've watched an endless stream of BBQ videos online and come to one conclusion. Simple has to be the best.

The one universal fact in the world of BBQ is also this, Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas makes up the undisputed "best BBQ in the world." Even better, the owner has no reservations about sharing his world-renowned methods with us all.

Arron Franklin is the owner and smoker of Franklin BBQ in Austin, it's shocking how much emphasis he puts on the simple things. A little salt, little pepper, and oddly enough, he smokes with oak. That's odd because mesquite and hickory are the traditional woods, but we'll indulge. He makes the best BBQ in the world, he can't be wrong.

Much like all BBQ, real ribs aren't basted in sauce or drenched in vinegar. That's just other states' attempts at being BBQ, and their failures are the things that stoke Oklahoma and Texas fireboxes.

Follow the directions, take the advice, and while you'll probably ruin one or two racks while learning, it'll be worth mastering in the end.

If you do end up needing a sauce, stick with the Oklahoma original Head Country Hickory. It's quite literally the best BBQ sauce in the world.

BONUS: You get double man-points if you bust out the giant beef ribs.

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