Imagine you lived in an endless 1980's world where the bowl cut was still the pinnacle of popularity. It's not something you can just wing yourself. Who's gonna trim up the back of it for you? But that doesn't mean you have to pay someone... all you need is a couple of mirrors, a tetanus-tainted pair of garden shears, and a Social Distortion song in your heart.

Honestly though, even though fads die, some people can rock their time-locked fashion for life. It somehow fits this dude, and his channel is all about the bowl cut... although, if you were around in the early 90's, because of the rear dip, you'll know that's chili-bowl cut. How I know that, you'll never know, because I never had one... or purple and pinstriped overall shorts worn with only one strap... Umbro shorts... square tail skateboards... or pump-tongue LA Gear shoes that were awesome, but only available in white.

Ok, I had all of that. But it was a different time back when CD's were nearly square.

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