Rally isn't for the faint of heart, or shallow pockets... When you put a few hundred thousand into a car, it should absolutely pull this off! Imagine taking a bad bump at speed. Your calibrated long travel suspension compresses, and in a pure moment of physics, rebounds your expensive baby into what can only be called a hurl. The nose lurches forward, digs in, but inertia takes the the rest of the car over the pivot point. It has to be unnerving.

As the milliseconds become one fluid, slow motion moment, your upright again and still on the gas. The only option is to give it all she's got, pretend it didn't happen, that it was your skill, and hope everyone watching didn't notice. It has to be pretty awkward trying to buck a rally car in the hope your broken panels will just fall off... but when it's not your money, that looks like it had to be a ton of fun creating the inevitable epic bar tale you'll be telling strangers for the rest of your life.


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