There's plenty of sites out there that assist people with start up business ideals, inventions and projects. Basically others invest in your future financially and give you a hand in achieving your goals and seeing your ideals come to life. Ever wish there was a website to help fund those around us who refuse to accept the reality of life and start living their life as an adult? Well wish no longer, introducing Real Life Starter!

Unfortunately we all know someone, maybe even someone in your own family who's unrealistic creative job search is a real strain. You know the forever unemployed among us who simply refuse to grow up and get to work! Sure we all have dreams and aspirations there's certainly nothing wrong with that, until it effects those around you. If you're holding out and not working because you're sure you'll be a rock star, actor or some other sort of rich and famous celebrity type, I'm talking about you! I have to thank J.W. of KLAW 101 for sharing this with me, it's absolutely hilarious. Unless of course you're one of the people we're talking about!