I've been traveling quite a bit recently, just trying to eat up the vacation days I haven't used because of the rona and junk. Really went nowhere in particular, but time off is always good isn't it? So I pull back into town last night and notice a neighbor down the block from was stringing their christmas lights along the house getting prepped for the holidays. Made me think, is November 9th, even in the year of pandemic, too early for christmas lights?

Now, I think the world agreed that putting up the holiday lights a little early was totally kosher since this year has been one heck of an experience for all Americans... but a full six weeks+ out? I was going to swing around the block again and snap a picture so I could have what the Gen-Z higher-up digital corporate nerds have dubbed "synergy" for this post, but as I came around the corner for the second time, I realized it was a full family affair in putting up those lights.

A mom and four little ones were out there excitedly opening boxes of twinkling lights. She was on the ladder, her kids feeding her the strings, and then I realized it was probably less on the side of "lets start celebrating christmas early" and more than likely "here's something we can all do out of the sheer boredom of the evening." It was actually kind of sweet. In that moment, I decided not to snap the picture because 1: That was that families private memory they were creating, and 2: I would hate if that neighbor started thinking I was trying to take pictures of her kids for a nefarious reason. I think we're all good with the early christmas lights this year.

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