Last week hurricane Dorian made landfall and wreaked havoc all along the coastline. Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virginia were all affected by this massive storm. The Bahamas were hit the hardest, but parts of the U.S. were hit hard too.

Not only did this storm system create a huge hurricane but tornadoes were also associated with Dorian as well. This Ring Doorbell cam captures a tornado as it removes a house from it's foundation. The coverage came from Emerald Isles, North Carolina. Luckily no one was injured and the home was vacant at the time.This was someone's vacation home and sadly it was completely destroyed.

You can hear the wind in the video as it increases in strength and eventually blows the house away, it's incredible to watch. If you've ever wondered just how dangerous and destructive these types of storms are this video leaves no doubt. This is why tornado and storm safety precautions are so important and being weather aware. If anyone had been home I seriously doubt they'd still be alive.


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