Jim Harbaugh got closer to Judge Judy than he did the Lombardi Trophy.

The San Francisco 49ers head coach was in the audience during a taping of the popular court show that aired Monday.

The episode was taped in the offseason, during which time Harbaugh was probably trying to distract himself from the agonizing loss to the Baltimore Ravens (coached by brother John) in the Super Bowl. Perhaps that explains why Jim and John’s dad was in the crowd with Jim to watch the infamously hot-tempered star.

Jim later explained his fascination with the judge:

I could sit there and watch those cases all day....It's fun to watch somebody that does their job well."

Harbaugh also got to meet Judge Judy before and after the show, which is something, since most of the people who make her acquaintance in her courtroom are usually left in tears after getting a tongue-lashing for all of America to see.

Harbaugh's players had better hope he didn't hit it off too much with the judge. You just know they won't be too happy if she comes in to give a halftime speech when they're down three touchdowns.

Of course, maybe Judge Judy can get involved in more sports. With her on the bench, you know she'd fix the PEDs in baseball debacle quicker than a fat kid chases a box of Nerds with Jolt Cola.

And, really, who wouldn't want to see A-Rod bawling?

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