Tired of being called “rats with wings,” seagulls are finally exacting their revenge by stealing big-ticket items. From video cameras to sports equipment to a whole lotta lunches, watch as seagulls become the animal kingdom's sticky-fingered answer to Lindsay Lohan:


Seagull steals video camera



This gull nabs a tourist's camera in Cannes, France. According to YouTube, the owner had to scale a castle wall to retrieve it.


Seagull steals a fish from sea lions



This kid meant to feed an adorable sea lion while visiting the Sea World theme park, not a lurking bird.


Seagull steals bag of chips from store



The beach is for amateurs: this seagull marches right into a corner store to nab a bag of Doritos.


Seagull steals cat food



This ballsy gull collects an entire bowl of cat food, right from under the cat's nose.


Seagull steals golf ball



In this now-famous clip, a seagull causes heavy interference after pro golfer Steve Lowery hits the green.


Seagull steals burger



This bird has easy access to a burger perched atop a car. Some NSFW language in this clip — where's the man-bird love?


Seagull steals doughnut



This bird swoops in for what looks like a freshly baked Boston Cream doughnut and plucks it right from a man's mouth.


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