I might have laughed at this a little too hard! You have to see this hilarious video of a guy teasing seagulls with french fries. He keeps throwing french fries in his car up on the dash near the windshield and the birds keep trying to eat them through the glass. I could watch this all day!

If you've ever been to Elmer Thomas Park and tried feeding the ducks or geese you know all too well how seagulls swoop in and steal all the food. Hard to believe we have seagulls in Oklahoma but for several months out of the year especially around early spring they're everywhere! I know what I'll be doing next time I'm at the park and seagulls are being a pest. That leads to a different question though...

Is the hilarity of something like this considered cruel? I understand I might be a 100% pure Richard for doing this, but the payoff of experiencing it might be totally worth it in a sense of karma.

Now to be clear, I go feed the ducks with my family only every once in a while. Usually when we have a half bag of bread we probably won't eat. Even though experts say bread isn't a healthy balanced source of food for our fowl friends, I don't expect they're limiting their diets to just what strangers are tossing out of their windows. I imagine an almost stale piece of classic Sunbeam is practically a dessert like cake.

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