This could be one of the greatest pranks ever caught on film, it's sure to become an instant classic! Introducing the seagulls on laxatives prank! I have no ideal just how bored you'd have to be to come up with this, but I'm glad these kids found a way to pass the time. It's a typical hot Summer day, there's not a lot to do. Then out of the clear blue sky someone's got a great ideal that could easily break up the madness and monotony of a lazy, nothing to do kind of day.

This of course is where all great ideals come from, boredom! I imagine one of them thinking aloud "I wonder what would happen if we fed a bunch of seagulls laxatives". From concept to completion these teens take their ideal to reality with hilarious results. Hilarious unless you're an innocent by stander and fall victim to the prank! Theses kids are truly some of the brightest minds of the next generation, job well done!

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