If you've lived in Lawton long, you already know that the best investment you can make is in a reliable security system along with renters/homeowners insurance. It's historically had the reputation of a tough and somewhat crime-ridden town, most military towns are, so while you can't prevent someone from breaking in, you might deter them with a home security system. The only problem is, good systems aren't cheap, and cheap systems aren't good... at least until SimpliSafe seemingly changed home security a few years ago.

The premise is, once you've DIY'd your system in place, it's super affordable at just $15-ish each month. In a world where some security systems are $50+ a month for basic monitoring, SimpliSafe sounds amazing... until this video pops out on the web.

The Lock Picking Lawyer normally makes videos about, well, picking locks. It's super interesting to watch his methods, and they're usually stupid-simple. That is also the case with his examination of SimpliSafe. With a small gadget he ordered for a few dollars on Amazon, he managed to beat the system by masking his entry. Is it brilliant? Absolutely... But it's also a bummer.

"So why are you spreading this?" I know, I can literally hear you thinking that... It's important to get this type of information out there. Not so burglars can get a leg up on their next score... It's so SimpliSafe can come up with a fix pretty quick.

Does that mean you should steer clear of the service? Maybe, at least until they have a fix. And if you currently have SimpliSafe, sit tight. Most companies will go out of their way to correct exposed issues like this.

On the positive note, with the school year starting in a few days, the property crime rates in town are likely to go back down until next year.

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