This could have gone terribly, but the pilot was able to land near the street.

Folks in one San Antonio neighborhood this morning thought they heard the sound of thunder crashing. Turns out it was a small passenger plane heading to a nearby airport. The plane lost power 7,000 feet in the air and had to make an emergency landing. The pilot brought the plane down  near Boulder Oaks Drive around 2 a.m.

Two people were on board and both were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. The pilot is said to be in worse condition than the passenger in the plane. The crash avoided all houses and cars in the neighborhood. Police arriving on the scene couldn't believe the pilot avoided hitting anything in the neighborhood besides an electrical pole.

"I would venture to say there was a higher power at work here. It's hard for me to conceptualize. I'm at five, six, 7,000 feet and I'm lying in the street right here going in whatever land speed that they were going. So I tend to believe that there's probably a higher power at work here," Sergeant Richard Standifer with DPS said.

The crash is under investigation.

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