So Elon Musk has been all over the news for the last few weeks. Not only for successfully returning America to the idea of big space exploration, but also for his admittedly epic new flamethrower... that's not exactly a flamethrower... but you get the gist. It's propane powered, sold for $500, and all the money goes towards building underground tunnels for Telsa super-highways. But he didn't count on the DIY community busting his bubble.

Now first and foremost, Musk probably doesn't care at all that people can DIY their own Musk product without spending the big money. He doesn't care about flamethrowers, he cares about The Boring Company investments... That being said, you can build this $500 flamethrower nearly identical for less than half the MSRP. It's cool that TBC didn't hyper-inflate the price, but it seems like he might have priced it a little lower than he should have.

Think about it. How many hours do you think went into making this? Now think about this staggering statistic. The Boring Company sold $3.5million worth of these at $500 apiece. It's not enough to start the underground beltways between LA and San Fran, but it's a start.

If you have money to burn, a general aptitude for pyro, and the time to do it, links are in the video description on YouTube.

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