Having lived in many apartments, I know exactly how you feel when your AC won't keep up with the SWOK heat. Whether it's an old small unit, or the slimy landlord won't fix it because it'll cost them too much, here's a workaround I found years ago and put to work for me.

Costing a whopping twenty-ish bucks and some gallon jugs of water, with about an hour of work and minimal tools, you can at least have that bedroom nice and cool before bedtime.

I know it looks really questionable, but if you're just trying to cool off a small room, it'll hang with it most of the night.

No, it's not actually conditioning the air, but it is cooling it off through cold convection. As the humid air blows around the bucket of ice, it'll come out cooler than it went in. Believe me, I've lived in some real nice rentals with crappy AC's and do-nothing landlords before, and this saved my bacon for months on end. As long as you stay on top of your jug-freezing cycle, you'll be comfortable in your own home.

So the next time the slumlord tells you lies like "Air conditioners are only designed to keep the home about twenty degrees cooler than outside." Don't get mad, get creative.

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